About - HollowBookCo

Behind the bookcase of HollowBookCo.

The sweet smell of an old book delight when you open its covers for the very first time. Instilled in every book, the mysterious observer tells no one. Secrecy hides behind the walls of human discovery but on the other side, the covers of the book reveal a handcrafted secret meant for someone special.

Our hollow book safes preserves a round cotton soft touch of fresh cut paper. Designed with special care and premium features built-in like its magnetic closure that offers freedom and security, museum quality seals and amazing strength so the pages will never come apart—These pages are bound to withstand the tests of time. We hope the exquisite craftsmanship we've put into every book will find themselves a beautiful corner in your happy home.

We've also built a chemical romance. Visit our library of distinguished flasks for people with unique and exquisite tastes @DrinkingBuddy