1. The Bookstore Cat at HollowBookCo - Hovering above the bookshelves, hiding in the dark shadows like Batman. We took our first bookshelfie with Kitty in that same stealthy pose over five years ago and the photo forever became ingrained into our hollow book making company as our favorite icon we use everywhere.
  2. The Greatest Gift of Love - There is that constant reminder of the one who pokes their little nose out to remind you that someone is always there, and she needs your focused attention. 
  3. The Book Environment is Best Suited for Cats - We receive tons of boxes headed for the recycle as books and supplies are delivered. Aside from receiving fresh scratching posts. It creates a constant changing environment our Kitty craves. A playground of military obstacles to practice innovative jumps, crawls, and climbs is a purrfect match. 
  4. Stay Productive By Taking Breaks - Experts suggest taking breaks every 60 - 90 minutes is recommended to maintain high productivity. Kitty's need for attention reminds us to stop and put a little breathing space between those working hours in the shop at Etsy.
  5. The Hidden Master - She is the master of hide-n-go-seek and wins everytime. When she doesn't, she cries out a big unfair meow and ends up in the arms of a hugging penalty box. Rewards come in the cutest of packages.

Overall Kitty is much more than our photogenic bookstore cat, she is the bond that keeps our world together. Our faithful and playful friend we love to have around.